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The Real Jesus has stood up…

As many Muslims around the world are becoming disillusioned with the rise of ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other forms of militant Islam… there is a rising movement growing to reclaim what genuine Islam is. In the same line of thinking, there is a movement to distinguish the Jesus of the Qur’an and the Jesus of the Bible. Asking which one is genuine assumes that there is a difference. As you read each book’s account of who Jesus is, the difference is significant to say the least. This begs the further question about which book is authoritatively true. The authority and truthfulness of the books that these two faiths are based on is foundational to one’s approach to reaching out to Muslims with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. So just as the Muslims around the world are seeking to reclaim genuine Islam… we as Christian believers must carefully and studiously investigate what it is that sets the Bible apart from the Qur’an and also what sets the Jesus of the Bible apart from the Jesus in the Qur’an.

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What is the Truth about Islam and Jesus?

This blog was started after I began reading a very helpful book about what the Qur’an teaches about Jesus Christ. Many well-meaning, media swayed, God-fearing, Biblically conservative Christians do not have a clue about what Muslims believe about Jesus Christ. Even though I am only a third of the way through this book it has already significantly opened my eyes to the key differences between the way that Jesus Christ is proclaimed in the Qur’an and that way that he is proclaimed in the Bible. As you notice from the mission of this blog I seek to follow four core values which are Building Friendships, Understanding Identity, Displaying Respect and Educating readers for the purpose of an intellectually honest dialogue. As a springboard to establish this mission I will be blogging about my reading of the book The Truth About Islam and Jesus by Emir Caner and John Ankerberg.